During 2012 / 2013 we :-

o   Held regular meetings of steering group (on 25/04/12, 13/06/12, 18/07/12, 11/09/12, 24/10/12, 27/11/12, 16/01/13, 05/02/13, 13/05/13)

o   Had a stall at the Churches Together in Biggleswade / Biggleswade Town Council’s Jubilee Fun Day (on 05/06/12)

o    Biggleswade Town Council passed motion supporting the principles of Fairtrade: (28/08/12)

o    We  had a display at St. Andrew’s Country Fayre (22/09/12)

o    Purchased a banner (November 2012)

o    Had a Market stall in the Town Centre (15/11/12)

o    Talked to Biggleswade Girlguiding (24/02/13)

o    Had a display at Biggleswade Library (25/02/13 – 10/03/13)

o     During Fairtrade Fortnight held a “Think As You Shop” Local and Fairtrade Produce event (02/03/13)

o    Staged a display at Sainsbury’s, Biggleswade (04/03/13 – 10/03/13)

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On Saturday July 2 2011 we were at The Churches Together Fun Day at Edward Peake school. We had a “Where in The World” competition. In case you are wondering here are the correct answers. Congratulations to the winners - Lauren Endersby, and Chris and Bob Furnell

We held our annual “Think As You Shop” event on Saturday March 12 2011 At
St Andrew’s Church Biggleswade. Here are some pictures.


On Friday September 9 Chairman Neil Spencer was on the local BigglesFM Radio Station talking about Fairtrade.

During 2014 / 2015 We :-

o Held regular meetings of steering group: 06/05/14, 01/07/14, 09/09/14, 02/12/14, 20/01/15, 24/02/15;

o Created The Guide to Fairtrade in Biggleswade;

o Edward Peake Middle School achieved a  “Fair Aware” award from Fairtrade Foundation;

o Held a Launch Event for Guide to Fairtrade in Biggleswade: 22/10/14;

o Held Think As You Shop: Local and Fairtrade Produce event: 07/03/15;

o Arranged a session for 17th Biggleswade Brownie Pack 16/03/15.

During 2015 / 2016 We :-

o Held Regular meetings of steering group: 07/07/15, 03/09/15, 06/10/15, 08/12/15, 19/01/16, 23/02/16, 19/04/16, 17/05/16;

o Courtyard Centre Food Festival: 17th October 2015

o Future Libraries Festival: 14th November 2015

o Talk at Biggleswade Baptist Church event: 27th November 2015

o Big Fairtrade Breakfast: 5th March 2016

o Session for Caldecote Rainbows: 7th March 2016

o Lawnside Lower School Fair: 11th June 2016

Our achievements during 2016 / 2017 were :-

• Neil Spencer outlined the activities that FAB had been involved with since the previous Fairtrade Fortnight.

o Lawnside Lower School Summer Fair, June 2016

o Upper Caldecote Village Show, September 2016

o Biggleswade Town Council appoint Council Liaison Officer to interact with FAB, October 2016

o FAB resolves to create leaflet to target local workplaces and community organisations, January 2017

o Updated Guide to Fairtrade in Biggleswade for March 2017

o Market Stall, March 2017 (during Fairtrade Fortnight)

o Talk to Biggleswade Rotary, March 2017

• Neil Spencer also outlined some challenges for the coming year.

o Liaising with Town Council

o Increasing numbers of people involved with FAB.

In 2017 / 2018 We did the following:-

o Attended Ickwell May Day, May 2017

o Talked to 1st Northill & Ickwell Brownie Pack, May 2017

o Created  leaflets for businesses, May 2017

o Were at St. Andrew's Lower School PTFA West Summer Fair, June 2017

o Took part in Biggleswade Community Engagement Day, July 2017

o had a display at St. Andrew's Country Fayre, September 2017

o Were at Northill Lower School Fete, September 2017

o Created  leaflets for shops, November 2017

o Held a Fairtrade Fortnight Community Awareness Day, March 2018

o Updated our Guide to Fairtrade in Biggleswade for March 2018

In 2019 We :-

Organised a "Think As You Shop" event and invited local organisations to take part, showcasing what is on  offer to the people of Biggleswade from local producers / suppliers.

The event took place at The Orchard Centre on the new East Biggleswade development 2pm-5pm on Sat 9th March 2019  MORE

In 2020 We :-

Held a “Think As You Shop" event on February 28 in The Orchard Centre.

Published an online showcase of local businesses

In 2022/23  We :-

o Had a stall at Ickwell May Day, Monday 2nd May 2022

o Gave a talk to Biggleswade Rotary Club, Tuesday 17th May 2022

o Had a display at St. Andrew’s Country Fayre, Saturday 17th September 2022

o Held an Event in Biggleswade Market Square for Great Big Green Week, Sunday 25th

September 2022

o For Fairtrade Fortnight we had a Market Stall and launched the  “Thoughtful Shopper Guide”,Saturday 4th March 2023

Another significant ent during the past year was FAB’s success in becoming one of the

organisations chosen for the Co-op’s Community Fund for 2022-23.