Fairtrade Association Biggleswade


We are FAB!!!
(Fairtrade Association Biggleswade)


We are a group of volunteers who are actively working towards achieving Fairtrade status for Biggleswade.

We want to see more availability and awareness of Fairtrade products.

Our last meeting was on Thursday November 15 2018. We meet again on Thursday, January 24 2-19 at 8pm in Cafe Mocha. All welcome!

Shopping Guide

FAB (Fairtrade Association Biggleswade) and Biggleswade organisation "The Last Straw" are made up of local campaigners who want to encourage consumers to consider the ethical and environmental impacts of their purchasing choices.

As a result, we are organising this "Think As You Shop" event and are inviting local organisations to take part, showcasing what is on  offer to the people of Biggleswade from local producers / suppliers.

There is no charge for having a stall at the event (or for the public to attend) and we are happy for goods to be displayed and sold, so long as they are relevant to the aims of the event (and subject to space).

The event will be taking place at The Orchard Centre on the new East Biggleswade development 2pm-5pm on Sat 9th March. We will be advertising widely through social and electronic media and leafleting houses near the venue. Refreshments will be available.   MORE