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Update December 2021

We are hoping to start producing a quarterly newsletter online and invite visitors to this site to subscribe to get updates.

So far this year:

For the “Great Big Green Week” We were in Biggleswade Market Square on Sunday September 26 with a variety of stalls.

Our AGM was on June 03  in cafe Mocha. It was good to see each other after many months of virtual meetings.

Over Easter we did daily instagram posts with ideas on how to support Fairtrade and local suppliers.

We are making plans for Fairtrade Fortnight 2022 (Feb 21 - March 6) and other local events.

Our Next planning meeting is on Thursday January 13 2022.

FAB (Future Action Biggleswade) is a local Biggleswade group committed to encouraging and persuading people to think about the consequences of their purchasing decisions. This relates to fair treatment in trade (we are a Fairtrade Community Group), the effect that producing goods has on the world’s environment (e.g. plastic pollution, buying local) and the working conditions and livelihoods of producers (be they based in the UK or overseas). For more information, please contact FAB's Chair, Neil Spencer, via FAB@fabweb.org.uk or 07910 211824.